2:22 (2017) Movie Trailer

2:22 (2017) Movie Trailer

two twenty two 2:22 (2017) Movie Trailer2:22 (2017) Movie Trailer

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In this riveting heist thriller, four thieves execute a seemingly foolproof plan on a wintery New Year’s Eve at a boutique hotel containing a vault of valuable safety deposit boxes. Unfortunately, the guests derail the robbery and its aftermath with demands of their own. Powerhouse performances and shocking twists make this a stylish crime story you’ll never forget!

Unsuspecting hotel guests unwittingly play a part in this tangled web. Unusual lives and hard choices intertwine, twisting the scheme to the point of no return. Loyalty, love, friendship and honor are brought to a boil in this graphic crime thriller.

Rooted in reality 2:22 draws its style from the classic French film Rififi with the story telling of Dog Day Afternoon.

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