For Colored Girls DVD and Blu-Ray release date and special features have been announced, the first R-Rated movie from directer Tyler Perry.

According to Amazon dot com, Lionsgate Home Entertainment has set For Colored Girls official DVD release date as February 8, 2011, which is a notably crowded week.

It  will go head-to-head with “Life As We Know It”, “Paranormal Activity 2”, “My Soul to Take”, “You Again”, “Ong Bak 3”, “It’s Kind of a Funny Story”, as well as several other notable releases.

Below are the details that have been released in regards to For Colored Girls Special Features, as well as the MSRP’s Lionsgate has set, and Amazon’s already discounted pre-order prices. More information will be included below.

For Colored Girls Special Features

  • “Span of the Rainbow” Original Interactive Documentary
  • “Prism of Poems” Enhanced Index
  • “Transformation: Movie Magic” Making For Colored Girls
  • Music “For Colored Girls”
  • Living Portraits & Marketing Archive

For Colored Girls – Blu-ray / DVD/ Digital Combo Pack MSRP: $39.99 – Amazon Discounted Price: $27.99 (-30%)

For Colored Girls – DVD Edition MSRP: $29.95 – Amazon Discounted Price: $20.99 (-30%)

When For Colored Girls was released to theaters on November 5th, 2010, it slight underwhelmed during its opening weekend at the box office, bringing in just $19.49 million. The film has officially winded down its domestic box office run with a total gross of $37.67 million.

Out of the nine films that Tyler Perry has directed, that makes For Colored Girls the third lowest grossing directorial effort in his career, behind “Daddy’s Little Girls” ($31.36 mil), and “The Family That Preys” ($37.1 mil).

However, it should be noted that Perry’s latest feature was his first R-Rated film, which in hindsight was always going to limit the movie’s audience range.

Still, For Colored Girls had a modest $20 million budget, which means it’s still a financial success, as has been the case with all previous Tyler Perry films.

For Colored Girls could very well post strong DVD and Blu-Ray sales following its release, which I project should equate to a minimum of $18 million in revenue, and up to $30 million.